What makes HeyBamboo Chemical Free?

Oct 18, 2023

What Sets HeyBamboo Apart?

Yes, you’ve heard I am a roll of toilet paper, but I am not just any roll of toilet paper. I am made of unbleached and non-toxic bamboo. I’m sure you have not thought much about it before, but traditional toilet paper is filled with harmful toxins and damaging additives to regular everyday products—including something as simple as toilet paper. Allow me to share my journey of what makes me different from the rest.

My stand against toxins.

Toxins and chemicals might be lurking in the very products you use daily. We are often unknowingly exposing our skin and environment to harm. As a hero for nature, we uphold the promise of being toxin-free, bamboo is already hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial so there is no need to add any extra chemicals. Furthermore, we want your booty to thank you so instead of bleaching our TP to make it white, we leave it be and it is the same color as it was when it left the tree. Many companies use chlorine that can expose your rear to cancer-causing toxins, not something we would wish on anyone in the HeyBamboo crew!

Why Bamboo matters

The organic bamboo from which I am made is not just an alternative, it’s a solution. The deforestation caused by the production of regular toilet paper has contributed plenty of toxins and pollutants into the air. This has hurt habitats and vital ecosystems. Using bamboo eliminates many of these excess toxins since it grows faster and regenerates from its roots which helps prevent erosion and protect the ecosystem. Additionally, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than trees so I acts as a vital lung for the earth.

As a nature hero I am not just another roll in the aisle, I am a symbol of hope, change, and a greener tomorrow. The next time you reach for a roll choose HeyBamboo with guaranteed chemicals, toxins, unbleached and organic! Your bum will thank you.