Sustainably made bamboo toilet paper, free of bleach, plastic & added chemicals

We’re HeyBamboo, and we believe toilet paper should be great for you and great for the planet.

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Designed for Wellbeing
Reduced Carbon Footprint
One tree planted for every order
Soft and Durable

We’re a big believer that small, measurable steps can create a big impact.

By switching to our sustainable TP, you can limit deforestation, habitat loss and plastic waste.
(Come to think of it, those aren’t small steps at all.)

Get Your 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

24 Pack - 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - $42

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48 Pack - 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - $65

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100% Compostable Bamboo Material

Our bamboo toilet paper rolls come with their own unique touch - each roll centers around a bamboo core and is delicately wrapped in recyclable paper.

What's special about the wrapping? It's printed using soy-based inks, a nod to our commitment to eco-friendly practices. And when it comes to packaging, we stay true to our sustainability promise. Each roll is nestled into recyclable cardboard boxes, sealed not with plastic, but with paper tape. It’s our way of saying no to plastics and yes to environmental responsibility.

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Where Softness Meets Sustainability

Organic Bamboo is the perfect choice for sustainable toilet paper ads it is gentle on you and gentle on the Earth. HeyBamboo is silky, soft and absorbent.

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100% Chemical Free

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial so there is no need to add any chemicals.  Your booty to thank you,  instead of bleaching our TP to make it white, we leave it be and it is the same color as it was when it left the tree. Your bum will thank you! 

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From our customers


The toilet paper is thick and super soft and most of all it doesn’t tear 😆 Will definitely be ordering more. 😍

Ashley B

Really nice quality and pretty design on the toilet paper as well. Special treat for my bottom.

Laura A.

Love the ethos of this company AND their products... packaging & delivery is on point. 👌

Lou B.

Made with well-being in mind.

Our sustainable approach reflects our love for the planet, and our care for you.

Soft & Durable

Try our luxurious, triple-ply rolls made with soft (but strong) bamboo.

Set up a subscription, and always have a roll of HeyBamboo handy.

Make eco-friendly, super soft and super strong
HeyBamboo one of your household staples
by setting up a subscription.


Even with all the benefits of sustainability, HeyBamboo costs about the same per roll as the leading supermarket brand. Each HeyBamboo roll is made up of 360 tightly rolled 3-ply sheets, so it’s a nice big roll to keep you rolling a lot longer. 

Many customers find that our sheets are surprising thick and sturdy, so they need fewer sheets to get the job done.

Plus, our rolls are ethically sourced and manufactured, contain zero nasty chemicals and are shipped plastic-free.

Bamboo grows like crazy – up to 3 feet in 24 hours! But it really loves warm tropical climates. So the most common place for bamboo to grow abundantly is in Southeast Asia. That is where HeyBamboo sources the bamboo for its 100% bamboo toilet paper, which is then produced in Asia. HeyBamboo products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to be sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about using it.

HeyBamboo toilet paper is safe for all systems – traditional sewer systems, composting, alternative toilets, and even delicate septic systems. Our products have been tested for disintegration and “flushability”, and won’t cause any adverse effects from normal use (just don’t stick a whole roll down at once).