Frequently Asked Questions

About our Toilet Paper

Even with all the benefits of sustainability, HeyBamboo costs about the same per roll as the leading supermarket brand. Each HeyBamboo roll is made up of 360 tightly rolled 3-ply sheets, so it’s a nice big roll to keep you rolling a lot longer. 

Many customers find that our sheets are surprising thick and sturdy, so they need fewer sheets to get the job done.

Plus, our rolls are ethically sourced and manufactured, contain zero nasty chemicals and are shipped plastic-free.

HeyBamboo allows you to have zero sacrifice when choosing a more sustainable option. HeyBamboo is super soft, silky and absorbent. Best of all, it doesn’t disintegrate and leave dust like some of the other “ultra soft” traditional toilet paper options. Instead, you can rely on it to stay strong and feel durable.

Our bamboo toilet paper is made up of 100% bamboo. That’s it! And because we like our bamboo as it is, we don’t add chemicals or bleach either. Who wants all that near your bum or in our water supply?  

Every roll is individually wrapped in compostable paper printed with soy based ink, and the core is even made of bamboo as well.  We ship out in cardboard, all recyclable, planet-friendly materials, including paper tape as opposed to plastic tape, making HeyBamboo completely plastic free!

Count on HeyBamboo to care about animals as much as we care about the environment. We are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and will always stand by our core values when it comes to animal welfare.

Our sustainability pledge doesn’t just stop at the bamboo toilet paper. We’ve considered every aspect of our packaging to be as sustainable as possible. Each bamboo toilet paper roll has a bamboo core, and is individually wrapped in recyclable paper printed with soy based ink and packed into recyclable cardboard boxes. We use soybean ink and paper tape. Zero plastic. And not only are you saving trees with every purchase, but we plant a tree with every order. Nice job on maximizing your impact!

Bamboo grows like crazy – up to 3 feet in 24 hours! But it really loves warm tropical climates. So the most common place for bamboo to grow abundantly is in Southeast Asia. That is where HeyBamboo sources the bamboo for its 100% bamboo toilet paper, which is then produced in Asia. HeyBamboo products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to be sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about using it.

Absolutely! Our bamboo toilet paper is hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

To maintain our commitment to natural and hypoallergenic products, we do not offer scented toilet paper. Our focus is on pure, skin-friendly, and environmentally responsible products.

HeyBamboo toilet paper is safe for all systems – traditional sewer systems, composting, alternative toilets, and even delicate septic systems. Our products have been tested for disintegration and “flushability”, and won’t cause any adverse effects from normal use (just don’t stick a whole roll down at once).

Bamboo toilet paper, like HeyBamboo, offers a soft and luxurious experience while being more sustainable. Bamboo grows faster than trees, uses less water, and produces more oxygen, making it an eco-friendlier choice.

Orders & Shipping

HeyBamboo offers 3 box options for purchase:

  • 48-rolls
  • 24-rolls
  • 12-rolls

Simply visit our website, choose your desired product and quantity, and add them to your cart. Follow the checkout process to confirm your order. It's easy and secure!

We offer standard and expedited shipping options. Standard shipping typically takes 3-5 business days, while expedited shipping can shorten this time. Delivery times may vary based on your location.

Currently, we ship primarily within the United States. However, we're working on expanding our reach to offer international shipping soon. Stay tuned for updates!

We stand behind the quality of our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, reach out to us and we will make it right.

Yes, you can! When you subscribe, your boxes are 10% off too! Get HeyBamboo delivered to your door for free:

  • Every month
  • Every 6 weeks
  • Every 2 months

Pausing or canceling your subscription can be done anytime through your account dashboard or by reaching out to us directly for assistance.

Yes! You will save 15% on every single box! Subscribers enjoy savings on each order, flexible delivery schedules, and exclusive access to new products and special offers

You can easily adjust your subscription settings, including delivery frequency and quantity, through your online account - LOGIN

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

By using bamboo, a highly renewable resource, we minimize deforestation and water usage. We also plant a tree for every purchase, furthering our commitment to reforestation and carbon offset.

Yes, our toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, ensuring it breaks down naturally and reduces landfill waste.

Absolutely. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable, aligning with our mission to minimize environmental impact.

We source our bamboo from sustainable farms that do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Yes, we are certified by environmental organizations that recognize our sustainable farming practices, low-impact manufacturing, and contribution to reforestation efforts

Use & Compatibility

Yes! HeyBamboo toilet paper is designed to dissolve efficiently in water, making it safe for all plumbing systems, including low-flow toilets and septic tanks.

While HeyBamboo toilet paper is super soft by design, it is also incredibly strong and durable, ensuring it holds up well during use without compromising comfort.

Absolutely! Our toilet paper is compatible with bidets, offering a gentle yet effective clean.

To maintain its quality and softness, we recommend storing your HeyBamboo toilet paper in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

More Questions?

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