The Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Jul 22, 2022

How does bamboo toilet paper help the planet and your household?

Chances are you’ve used traditional toilet paper for the majority of your life. We don’t often think  twice about using this everyday necessity. We make a purchase at the supermarket, keep it stocked in our closets and cabinets, and reach for it any time we go.

It’s a household essential that doesn’t get discussed quite as much as other products; besides, you have a brand you like that does the job just fine.

So why change now? 

We all want to do what we can for the environment, and new developments in the market mean that you have more options. Think safe, sustainable, stylish paper that is just as friendly to the planet as it is to your posterior. Think bamboo.

Once you’re aware of the benefits of bamboo toilet paper, you will understand the significance of a switch. It’s unmatched in its ability to contribute to you, your bathroom needs, and our environment.

Read to discover all the benefits of buying 100% bamboo toilet paper.

We all want to do what we can for the environment, and new developments in the market mean that you have more options.

Benefits to Your Body

Bamboo toilet paper does a lot for your bum. If you’re conscious of what goes into your body, take the same considerations for the products you use on the outside.

Avoid Any Adverse Reaction

It’s possible that inflammation and infections can result from products that contain too many chemicals. Dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals used for bleaching or in the production of traditional toilet paper and even some other bamboo brands, lend themselves to undesirable effects down there. 

Bamboo toilet paper is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, meaning it destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. At HeyBamboo, we think we can all agree that no one wants bacteria breeding in their behind! 

100% bamboo toilet paper can also prevent triggering an allergic reaction. Bamboo toilet paper is naturally hypoallergenic, which means few to no allergy-producing substances known as allergens. For those with sensitive skin or have certain skin allergies, bamboo toilet paper won’t cause an issue when wiping.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your family will never be exposed to irritants or toxic chemicals that other products may contain. Your body deserves safe, all-natural bathroom essentials and bamboo is the best option. 

The Right Balance of Tender and Tough

Toilet paper can also cause irritation if it’s too thin or too rough. Aside from possible discomfort and irritation, you don’t want a toilet paper product to crap out on you! Bamboo toilet paper presents the perfect balance of softness and strength. You’re sure to complete the job successfully while still experiencing the extreme comfort bamboo offers.

You deserve a robust product that works to your liking. Bamboo is incredibly strong. It can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and is considered more durable than hardwood timber. 

Interesting facts about the strength of bamboo:

  • Stronger tensile strength than steel
  • Can withstand loads better than some varieties of concrete
  • Has a stronger weight to strength ratio than graphite

The strength of bamboo fibers translates into a strong and durable toilet paper product.You’ll be satisfied with the performance of bamboo paper.

Benefits in Your Bathroom

No matter what flushing feature you have or your pipe preference, bamboo toilet paper will work for you! You can even enhance your interior design by choosing luxurious, distinctive bamboo paper.

Dynamic Dissolving Power

Bamboo toilet paper breaks down and dissolves easily. Because it contains no additives, it disintegrates much faster than wood pulp varieties of paper. Rest assured that it’s safe for all pipes, sewer, and septic systems.

You can even use bamboo toilet paper in camper or R.V. systems as well as in alternative toilets!

Bamboo paper breaks down quickly in your sewer or septic system and is 100% biodegradable, taking only weeks to fully decompose compared to years for most traditional toilet paper.

Stay Well-Stocked

Household personal essentials are a necessary part of keeping things running smoothly in our homes. Running out can really make things inconvenient; you don’t want to get caught off guard in the bathroom!

Traditional supermarket brands don’t offer the superior service of having toilet tissue delivered right to your door. When you find a product that works for you and your family, you want to make sure it’s available to you at all times. 

A subscription ensures that you’ll always have what you need on hand. Buying bathroom essentials will become a no-brainer! Make stocking up something you don’t have to stress about.

You’ll Love the Look

It also just looks cool. Bamboo toilet paper from HeyBamboo doesn’t go through a bleaching process, so it takes on the natural color of bamboo paper. It’s a unique and stylish natural light brown color that reflects the look of unbleached, virgin bamboo. 

Individually wrapped rolls are also a clever decorative touch. Add style, interest, and pizazz to a place that can always benefit from an extra accessory.

Whether you’re looking to improve aesthetics or function, bamboo toilet paper is an upgrade to any bathroom space.

Benefits to Biodiversity

Perhaps bamboo’s most impressive quality is how easy it is on the environment and its ability to provide a 100% sustainable resource. Bamboo is changing the toilet paper industry one tree at a time. Honestly, it’s more like thousands of trees at a time!

For the Forests

Bamboo toilet paper is the top choice for eco-friendly T.P. As of 2020, it is estimated the planet is losing over 7,000,000 hectares per year to deforestation. Although many factors are at play to reach this staggering number, the toilet paper industry takes its fair share of our precious woodlands.

Our forests are integral in regulating greenhouse gases. The degrading of these forests means we lose their incredible capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with precious oxygen. Deforestation also contributes to the release of carbon that has been stored in the soil.

By picking bamboo paper, you’re supporting tree-free toilet paper production and the option that helps curtail the biggest threat to our climate!

Keeping Habitats Intact

We want to keep our panda friends safe and happy too. At HeyBamboo, our product does not disturb the natural habitat of pandas. The species of bamboo we harvest is dedicated to the production of toilet paper and is also not a species that is consumed by pandas. 

Although there are different opinions on exactly how many, it is generally accepted that there are over 1,000 different types of bamboo that grow on our planet!  Each has different attributes, characteristics, and uses. Bamboo has been used by civilizations for centuries because of its strength and versatility.

Harvesting bamboo is also soil friendly and acts as erosion control. Bamboo has an expansive root system that helps bind soil firmly in place. Unlike harvesting trees, when bamboo is cut, there is no death to the crop, and the soil is not disrupted. The native soil ecosystem is left intact, so it remains fertile and natural.

Reducing Water and Energy Waste

Conserving water, one of the earth’s most precious resources, is a must for an eco-friendly product. Bamboo requires less water than hardwood trees to grow and thrive. Because bamboo grows so densely and uses water more efficiently, significant bamboo growth can be achieved with a fraction of the water it takes to grow trees for traditional paper.

Bamboo toilet paper also requires that less water be used during its production. Making just one roll of regular toilet paper takes about 37 gallons of water. It’s the same for energy. Bamboo toilet paper manufacturing results in fewer carbon emissions and lower energy expenditure.

Choosing HeyBamboo Means Benefits

Choosing bamboo beats the traditional toilet paper alternatives when it comes to benefits. It’s a fun and functional product that is safe for your body, shows style in your bathroom space, and puts a damper on deforestation.

If toilet paper is a household necessity, why not take that need and turn it into your time to do something special for yourself and for the environment? There’s not an easier way to add to your sustainable lifestyle than reduced waste wiping!Consider making the switch. Keep browsing our blog for more information on why bamboo is the right paper for you! If you’re interested in a purchase or subscription, take a look at our shop page for pricing, packaging, and shipping details.

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