Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better Than Regular Toilet Paper?

May 14, 2022

What is the Best Option for an Everyday Essential?

Toilet paper is one of those household essentials we’re constantly purchasing. We have it at the ready, on demand; it’s undoubtedly one of those items you don’t want to be caught without!

Think of the countless rolls of toilet paper you’ve purchased and maybe have stocked on your shelves right now. Have you ever considered if those rolls are really right for you? 

You may be asking yourself, do I have a choice? Toilet paper is toilet paper, right? Not really. The market is changing, and you have an option that offers incredible perks compared to what you’re used to on supermarket shelves.

There’s a new type of toilet paper that’s taking on the traditional way we wipe. It’s a natural product that’s good for you and better for the planet that comes with the strength and versatility of bamboo.

That’s right! Bamboo toilet paper is worthy of recognition, and it’s time we consider it the consistent choice for our bathroom needs.

Let’s take a look at everything 100% bamboo toilet paper has to offer and compare it to the qualities of traditional brands. Read to discover the ways that bamboo toilet paper is better than regular toilet paper.

The Process for Making Regular Paper

Some of the major differences between bamboo toilet paper versus regular toilet paper happen during their production. Although the overall process is similar, there are components that bamboo toilet paper doesn’t include. Those absences are the beginning of what makes bamboo toilet paper better than regular toilet paper. 

Regular toilet paper is made using “virgin” paper which means it does not contain any recycled content and is made with 100% wood pulp from trees. Here’s where the differences start, with trees.

Trees, about 27,000 per day globally, to be exact, are delivered to processing plants where they are stripped of their bark and then chipped into small wood pieces. The demand for regular toilet paper is impacting our forests.

Chemicals are up next. The wood pieces are cooked in chemicals to create the pulp that will be used to make the paper.

That pulp is then washed and sent to a bleaching plant, where it undergoes several chemical processes in order to bleach the paper white. It’s then sprayed onto mesh screens, matted, dried, and rolled onto large cylinders for cutting into rolls. 

The final step is wrapping the rolls into their packaging. Most toilet paper brands wrap their rolls in plastic packaging for sale in stores.

Considering how much toilet paper consumers require, this process means a significant amount of chemicals and bleaching agents are being used regularly, not to mention the toll on our forests from harvesting the trees.

Facts about regular toilet paper usage:

  • Americans consume the most toilet paper per day of any country
  • People use an average of 8-9 sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit
  • Toilet paper is often used for other tasks like covering toilet seats, removing make-up, and blowing noses
  • It’s currently estimated that each person uses the equivalent of 384 trees in their lifetime by using regular toilet paper

It’s apparent that we need T.P. in our life, but does it have to be at such an environmental cost? How does bamboo make toilet paper better?

Bamboo: Chemical Bleach and Tree Free

All that chemical processing that regular toilet paper goes through doesn’t happen during the production of bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo culms, or the main stalk, are similarly broken down into small fibers, but there are no chemicals added during their soaking process, and they are not chemically washed or bleached.

Bamboo toilet paper only contains 100% bamboo fibers and nothing else. This is why you’ll see that bamboo toilet paper is a soft, light brown color; it’s the natural color of the bamboo pulp.  Other bamboo toilet paper companies use bleach to make their product white, but the HeyBamboo brand ensures it stays in its natural state.

Beyond production, let’s look at other ways bamboo toilet paper is superior.

It’s Better at Breaking Down

You may not think about it, but you should consider your plumbing when it comes to choosing toilet paper. A regular toilet paper product that doesn’t dissolve quickly can lead to clogs and backups in your pipes.

This can be especially true if you are a water-conscious consumer who has purchased a low-flow toilet. These toilets are great for saving water, but they don’t have the flushing power to get stubborn paper that doesn’t dissolve to go down the drain.

Not all supermarket brands dissolve equally. Depending on their thickness and the additives they contain, some will dissolve more quickly and completely than others. However, none of them dissolve as quickly as toilet paper made from bamboo.

Because it contains no additives, bamboo toilet paper disintegrates much faster than wood pulp varieties of paper. It’s also safe for any system. Whether you have a traditional sewer, a septic system, or aging pipes, you don’t have to worry about bamboo toilet paper increasing the chance of a clog. It’s camper, R.V., and alternative toilet friendly as well!

Bamboo toilet paper breaks down quickly and is also 100% biodegradable. It will completely decompose in a matter of weeks, whereas it takes most types of regular toilet paper years.

Its Strength is Impressive

All materials can be rated by a measure called tensile strength. Tensile strength is determined by the amount of pressure a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before it breaks.

Bamboo itself has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds, and to put it in perspective, steel has a tensile strength of 23,000 pounds. It is an incredibly strong material that is actually employed in a variety of building and structural applications.

That strength translates to the fibers at work holding together bamboo toilet paper. It’s not a flimsy product that’s going to fall apart!

It’s Durable While Remaining Soft and Absorbent

Truthfully, you probably won’t notice a difference between bamboo and whatever brand you’re using now when it comes to softness. If that’s how you pick your product, bamboo toilet paper will deliver the comfort you require.

Toilet paper comes in ply and roll sizes. Ply indicates the number of layers of material included on each sheet. A good bamboo toilet paper is fourthree-ply which really creates a soft cushion for a comfortable experience.

Other Great Reasons to Buy

There are a few added perks to bamboo T.P. that regular toilet paper just can’t compete with.

Show your style

Bamboo toilet paper is a unique and interesting addition to any bathroom space! It has a luxurious appearance that lets your guests know you’ve added an extra special touch.

The neutral color coordinates with any color scheme, and each roll comes individually wrapped in decorative paper. It’s a fun way to spice up your space.

Make a difference

Making a bamboo toilet paper purchase is making a difference in the environment. Are you already incorporating other sustainable solutions into your lifestyle? 

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, your toilet paper choice should be a serious consideration; if you’re hoping to become one, bamboo toilet paper is a perfect starting point!

Check out some of the environmentally friendly aspects of using bamboo toilet paper:

  • Bamboo requires less water to grow, and bamboo paper uses less water to produce
  • It’s fast-growing and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to thrive
  • Bamboo doesn’t disrupt the soil and allows the native soil ecosystem to remain intact after harvesting
  • Using bamboo saves trees and helps put a stop to deforestation

Choosing bamboo toilet paper is a small step toward a big impact on our planet. Making the move can lead to saving millions of trees!

Stress Less

Buying bamboo toilet paper not only means relieving some of the burden of your carbon footprint but also relieves the task of shopping for a brand that fits your needs. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re making the best choice for your family, and a subscription makes it even easier!

Buying bamboo means one household essential that won’t require you to worry.

Bamboo is Better but HeyBamboo is Best; Choose it for Your Bathroom

Although you may have relied on it for many years, regular toilet paper just isn’t holding up to its bamboo competition. The good news is that you don’t have to continue using a product that is made with chemicals and involves cutting down our precious forests. 

Give it a try, and you’ll experience the satisfaction of using an eco-friendly product that meets all your expectations for softness, style, and strength. Buy bamboo toilet paper because it’s better for you, for the environment, and better than regular toilet paper.


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